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A Saturday Morning in Uptowne Galion

  Over Labor Day Weekend, I met another member of our Experience Galion team for coffee and a little crash course on updating and maintaining our website.  The Candi Bar, uptowne, is one of my favorite places in general, but it is especially one of my favorite places for a coffee meeting.  The atmosphere, the decor, and the smells are amazing!  A great place to catch up with friends, and get the creative juices flowing.
  After our meeting, my plan was to get back to my busy Saturday.  But as I was leaving the Candi Bar, there was a fresh, crisp fall smell to the air already, despite it barely being September, and I had to pass another one of my favorite uptowne spots, The Evergreen Company, to get to my car.  And oh boy, the cute fall display in their window was just too hard to pass up - I couldn't resist!  So in I went, and I wasn't disappointed.  (I never am when I stop in!) If I wasn't ready to decorate my house yet for fall, I definitely was by the time I left!  I came away with a great deal on some really cute Halloween decorations, and a little plaque for my kitchen wall.
  By this time, I knew I was already so far off track in regards to the timing of my "to do list" that I might as well just keep on going and stop in wherever the mood struck.  I was out on my own without the kids for the moment, which is rare, so why not take full advantage?  This led me to my daughter's (ok, ok and mine too...) favorite local boutique, The Topia!  They had just gotten in some really cute "Ohio" t-shirts and the sweet and beautiful ladies who own The Topia are so kind and so much fun to chat with while shopping.  I would like to brag by saying I managed to leave with only 1 item, my new "Ohio" t-shirt, and I was pretty excited because usually any shopping done there is for my 9 year old, with no time left for mom. So the purchase was an exceptional treat!
  And because my purchase at The Topia was for me, I may have come down with a case of mom guilt and on to H&K Watkins I walked, giving my daughter a call on the way, to see which scent of bath bomb she would like to have, so I could get a little something for her since my shopping thus far had been all for me.  My son also likes the bath bombs from Watkins - naturally, he's pretty partial to the one called "Monkey Farts!" As I was walking, I passed an older gentleman leaving Quay's, he nodded and said "hello."  And as I rounded the last corner to H&K's, I passed a mother, daughter and granddaughter, also out doing some Saturday shopping, and we smiled and said "hello."
  When I got to H&K Watkins, I picked out a bath bomb, and came across a lovely new scent they had available in their candles, aptly named "The Waffling Pumpkin."  For this fall and pumpkin obsessed girl, it just doesn't get any better than a cross between waffles and pumpkins - so that became a must have!  Heath and Kelli are always so much fun to chat with when I stop in, and did you know you can also have a complimentary cup of tea while shopping?  They have quite a few yummy flavors to choose from.  There was a steady stream of shoppers in the store that morning, and they always have upbeat 60's tunes playing in the background, everyone comes out of their store with a smile!
  I walked back through the square towards my car, shopping bags in hand, and saw a few more folks out and about, each one smiling with a greeting, and when I got into my car, I just took a moment to stop and reflect. I actually thought about writing some thoughts down right then.  What a great morning, in a great little town, where a lovely cup of coffee, lovely shops, and friendly people are right around the corner from my home.  No need to hop on a highway, deal with grouchy people, and feel tired after making my stops.  No sir.  This had turned out to be a wonderful small town Saturday morning in uptowne Galion.
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